Phoenix FD 3ds Max

Phoenix FD is a powerful tool for fluid simulations. Aimed to meet the needs of VFX artist to simulate fire, smoke, explosions as well as liquids, foam and splashes, it has now become universal simulation software for every production house. Phoenix FD offers exceptional flexibility and speed. With an adaptive grid, complete interactivity, a GPU accelerated preview and a fully multi-threaded displacement algorithm it stands out as one of the top solutions for fluid simulations in the visual effects industry.

Phoenix FD 2.0 now adds the capability to generate and drag particles based on current simulations. This allows the user to add even finer detail to all types of simulations without the need to increase the simulation resolution

Whats New in Phonenix 2.0 for 3ds Max

•  Improved User Interface
•  Grid-based Self Illumination for fast, artifact free illumination
•  Improved Point Shader with Light Cache support for rendering millions of particles
•  Phoenix FD Properties Menu with right-click access to per object overrides
•  Morphing Tools with new Attraction Forces to control fluid direction
•  Animation Loop to seamlessly loop simulation sequences
•  Direct RGB Color Settings to mix colors used in smoke and liquid simulations
•  External File Formats
– PRT file export for foam, splash, and drag particles
– Import Field3D and OpenVDB files and render with Phoenix FD volume shaders



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